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We offer several different types of drainage solutions.

Correct drainage is the foundation of a properly functioning landscape. With good drainage, you not only prevent major water damage, but also protect your investment in your home, landscape, and property. Tilson Outdoors offers a variety of different drainage solutions, and we complete all of our drainage installations using smooth wall pipe with glued joints and fittings.

Drainage in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Our drainage solutions serving the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area include:

  • Downspouts piped underground—These systems move the water that falls on your roof away from your house, garage, or foundation and prevent erosion from occurring in your yard and landscape.
  • Drainage swales—We use drainage swales when we want to capture water from a large area of runoff and gently channel it in a specific direction.
  • French drains—French drains provide a solution for areas of your yard that remain wet due to improper drainage resulting from surrounding elevation. These drains can also support established drainage swales that do not adequately handle the water.
  • Surface drains—Surface drains are best used for areas with concentrated, high-flow surface runoff either in the yard or at the edge of a paved surface. Sometimes, we combine surface drains with a drainage swale.
  • Culverts—Culverts allow water to flow under a drivable roadway. We often extend these for those who want to widen a driveway or make a driveway not feel as narrow. Culvers can also allow us to level a yard with the addition of hauled-in dirt when there is a ditch across the yard.

For the majority of our drainage projects, we use a mini excavator. This lets us install the right type of drainage for the property while remaining precise and efficient. For a quote on a drainage project or to learn more about our different solutions, contact us at Tilson Outdoors today.

At Tilson Outdoors, we offer drainage services in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Advance, Lewisville, Pfafftown, Bermuda Run, and Mocksville, North Carolina.