The Benefits of Retaining Walls in Your Landscape Design

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The goal of any landscape design is to add aesthetic beauty and increased functionality to create outdoor living spaces you and your family can enjoy and cherish. There are several situations in which including retaining walls in your landscape design can achieve both of those goals, while also overcoming erosion and drainage issues.

Here are a few of the benefits of including retaining walls in a landscape design project:

  • Add Depth – Creating a multi-level landscape using retaining walls will give your yard the vertical interest it needs to draw the eye across the entire landscape.
  • Solve Problems – Retaining walls are quite useful for directing the flow of water when drainage problems are causing erosion, swampy or muddy areas, and other concerns. By contouring the grade, you won’t have to worry about an impeding collapse and can reclaim the areas your family might now be avoiding because they take too long to dry out after a storm.
  • Create Space – There isn’t nearly as much you can do with a slope as you can a flat area. Retaining walls create flat areas where you can have seating, a fire pit, a patio, and other features. Retaining walls can extend usable space by either filling and raising the grade behind the wall or by cutting and lowering the grade in front of the wall.

Here at Tilson Outdoors we offer effective solutions that overcome any challenge your property might pose. With our drainage services and retaining wall installation, we can help you achieve the space you and your family desire. Contact us today, and let our family owned business create the oasis you envision for your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home.