The Key Benefits of Paver Patios vs. Concrete Patios

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Tilson Outdoors carefully designs and installs stunning paver patios that far exceed concrete in their functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Why are paver patios your better option when compared with traditional concrete? Here are a few of our favorite reasons:

  • Aesthetic beauty – Walk through an outdoor living space with a concrete patio and you will likely not give it a second thought. Walk through the same outdoor living space with a paver patio and you will immediately notice the beauty of the patio. When it comes to appearance, it is hard to beat the appeal of a paver patio!

The Key Benefits of Paver Patios vs. Concrete Patios

  • Incredible durability — Ultimately, all concrete patios are going to crack. In comparison, paver patios never crack because they feature a flexible system with joints. This allows the pavers to expand and contract with the weather and absorb micro-movements because the joints allow for flexibility. Pavers are also inherently stronger than concrete, so they can withstand normal wear and tear.
  • Endless design possibilities — Pavers come in a myriad of different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Since you have so many design options available, you can create a customized space that is much more appealing than a plain concrete slab.

When it comes down to it, paver patios are a higher quality product that will withstand the test of time. Check out some of our recent work on our Instagram and Facebook accounts to start getting ideas for the type of paver patio you want in your own outdoor living space!