We Can Help You Create a Custom Outdoor Lighting Package That Fits Your Home & Your Lifestyle

Picture driving up to your home, turning off your car, stepping out to walk to your front door and . . . (ouch!) . . . tripping over one of your kid’s bikes. If your house is unlit or dimly lit, this could very well be you. Or what if after getting out of your car, you don’t even realize the tall figure standing to your right? Turns out only to be a neighbor with some delicious cookies, but that doesn’t stop the immediate alarm bells ringing in your head.

we offer exceptional custom outdoor lighting services

There is a very simple solution to these safety issues, and it comes in the form of outdoor lighting. At Tilson Outdoors, we work with you to identify both safety challenges and aesthetic preferences to create a custom outdoor lighting package that fits your home and your lifestyle.

Another benefit of adding outdoor lighting both to the front and back of your home is maximizing the use of outdoor living spaces. A summer barbeque can come to a screeching halt once the sun goes down if left unlit. Having conversations well into the dark, enjoying snacks and drinks with friends, and watching kids chase fireflies are staples of a North Carolina summer. Adding custom outdoor lighting to your space allows for longer days and more time spent with loved ones outdoors.

At Tilson Hardscapes, we offer a variety of energy-efficient lighting options, including uplights for your house and foliage, path lights in a variety of styles, and many other custom lighting features. We work with you to design and install outdoor lighting that merges functionality with aesthetic preference. And to top it off, installation typically takes only one day; leave for work in the morning in darkness and come back to a homey, welcoming environment aglow with possibility.

At Tilson Outdoors, we offer exceptional custom outdoor lighting services in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area. We can work with you to design and install a lighting system that combines aesthetics and function, while being energy-efficient, so you won’t see a significant increase in your utility bill. Call on us, and let’s give your home the welcoming glow it deserves.

Custom outdoor lighting creates a homey, welcoming environment.

We all know that one house in the neighborhood that kids are afraid to trick-or-treat at because it is dark and unwelcoming. Don’t be that house!